Safety & Quality Policy
Sakura Ship Management is dedicated to the highest standard of Health and Safety.

We are committed to deliver ultimate service to the marine industry with absolute regards to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Sakura provides a Safe and healthy work environment to achieve our goal of zero injuries and zero Incidents.

Safety is paramount and we believe that all accidents are preventable, company requires that all employees to conduct their activities in a safe manner to prevent injuries and illness

Compliance towards all applicable International, National, local laws and regulations including industry standards on Quality, Health, Safety and environmental protection to ensure safe and secure operations is maintained at all times

Own standards and guidelines are established as needed where existing laws and regulations are not adequate to assure protection to human health, safety and marine environment.

Sakura urges that all its Employees have the right and responsibility to identify unsafe acts or unlawful practices and encourages them to exercise their stop work authority without hesitation and to undertake corrective measures.

Company maintains and continually improves its Quality, health, Safety & Environmental Policy by regular review of SMS.

Sakura encourages continual improvement of the system by setting their own standards, measuring and reviewing the objectives above and beyond the minimum set criteria.

Sakura builds health and safety awareness through interaction, training, discussion and feedback.

Company policy requires all staff to carry out their duties in a professional, efficient and safe manner in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Staff must not knowingly participate in any unsafe or illegal activity. Compliance includes taking into account codes, guidelines and standards issued by the various maritime organizations.

Compliance is a condition of employment and all employees are required to strictly adhere to the policies and follow the procedures contained within the Safety Management System.

We promote open and honest communication to support and implement this policy.